Saturday, 5 September 1863

It rains a good deal now.

I do not rise early, for I cannot bring myself to enter suddenly on so a detestable a work as Lithography.

The days are changed: ― 2 years ago, I ate soles daily ― during September & wrote Greek ― painting by day. ― This September I lithograph by day ― eat mutton, ― & read C. Lever.

Worked at the 3rd Drawing ― (No. 6) all day ― barring interruptions, & nearly finished it ― in fact all but quite: ― so that I have done 3 in 5 days.

C.F. came: ― bright & happy: & so friendly to come here at all! I read a letter of Mrs. Ruxtons. Curcumelly has been in London!! ― C.F. says nil ― but it seems to me that the forts will be blown up. ― Curcumelly’s talk only proves that that [sic] the Corfiots will try to make a separate imperium in imperio; & it will turn out wrong if they are not checked at that game early. ―

P. Williams came also ― & [] Greenwich or Richmond αὓριον ― ἒτζι καλήτερον.[1]

Κυρκμέλλο εἶπε ― διὰ τοὺς δικαστὰς.[2]  ― “If Χ. has not quite lost his head, he will let the matter rest where it is.” ―― But, ― I have no pleasure in thinking of Corfû just now. Dined at 7. ― Read C. Lever.

What an odd life!

Mrs. Musters wrote today ― & I answered: & said they might have the Cedars for 500£[.]


[1] Tomorrow ― better this way (NB).

[2] Curcumelly said ― about the judges (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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