Wednesday, 26 August 1863

Rose at 7. ― gray ― rainy ― damp. Prayers & breakfast.

Letter from T.G. Baring, very nice ― & from George Cartwright ― also nice & kind.

Mrs. B. won’t “let us be.”

(Clerical stories ― how little parsons are understood.

1. Archdeacon …… preaching in another man’s pulpit, the owner said he didn’t preach plain, & instanced the word ― “essentials” of religion ― as in point. Whereon, the Archdeacon appealing to the Shoemaker of the village & asking him what essentials meant ― “O yes Sir ― “Pigs in’ards.

Another ― a sailor ― declared how delighted he was with a sermon on “Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin[”] ― saying ― “I wish to God as I was Tekel Sir! ―

& a 3rd ― hearing the parson say ― “the Commentators do not agree with me” ― bought a hamper of kidney potatoes ― saying “I heard you say as the Common taters didn’t agree with you.” ――)

Permanently ― all “work” here is nil. The day was wholly ― “awfully” wet. ― pouring. We therefore sat ― (when Mrs. B. didn’t stir us ―) ― & looked at drawings ― or talked. At Lunch ― we were merry ― tho’ I confess I forced myself to be so. And again afterwards ― pouring rain, ― & converse which would have been delightful had our Hostess been tranquil.

However, reading some of Gilbert White’s unedited letters made a wholesome quiet pause. Suddenly a stranger came, ― God be thanked! ― a Mr. Harting ― naturahistorically given: ― a pleasant lad however ― & passed away a couple of hours pleasantly.

Dinner ― lively-ish: ― & tea ― ἔτζι κ’ ἔτζι. ―

Music ― Mrs. Oldham really sings well ― & is a very delightful woman in many ways.

We retire at 10.30.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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  1. Valerie Wadsworth

    Nice to read some 150 year old jokes.

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