Friday, 21 August 1863

Rose at 6.30. ― very fine. Wrote Cerigo Journal till 8.30.

Breakfast ― ποτὲ ἐδῶ μὲ πολὺν εὐχαρίστησιν.[1] Afterwards, dawdled till 11 ― cum irritation. Morning very lovely ― but no one “uses” morning in these parts. At 11.15 ― F. & I set out to look for a point or points to draw Burton from, but I don’t really know if I could ever draw it: besides the sun went in & gloom abounded. There are however very exquisite walks all about ― & the colour of the fern & heath &c. &c. &c. ― are wondrous beautiful. Returned by 12.30 & then sate on the lawn=garden with Mrs. F. looking at Photograph-books. Lunch at 1.30 & after that, I came to my room, & finished journal notes up to ˆ[the end of] May 21: ― varied by some sleep. It is now 4. ――

We set off to drive at 4. O Lord! o Lord! o Lord! can any tongue or tongues or pen or pens describe how I hate driving or moving ― oneself being stationary? We took up little Reginald ― or rather T.F. did so, quite against his mothers advice ― as he seemed unwell. Soon he became so ― & we had to go all back again. After which, as it was too late to go elsewhere, we drove to Petworth, where I tried to get some drawing paper ― but there was none. We then drove on to a Col. Bartelots ― & back to the Station by 6. ― Hereat all my patience ἐτελιώθη[2] ― & I left them to walk. No horror in life is greater than being shaken in a carriage or a boat. So I walked solo ― all round that part of the Park ― & thro’ the sadly pleasant Pines ― till at 7. I came to the “unlovely house.” ― The 2 little girls were a comfort. Dressing ― &c.: ― & in the drawing-room were W. Fairbairn ― & “a” Mr. Murray ― his father in law. Dinner, very good. ― At first ― said Murray was pleasantish, but afterwards very vulgar & ungentlemanly ―: his diabetes & wine &c. being an accompaniment obbligato to his discourse. Later, he was still more to be avoided.

Mrs. F. had long gone away.

11. Bed. O! were this visit over!



[1] Never with much pleasure here (NB).

[2] Ran out (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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