Tuesday, 18 August 1863

Rose at 7. ―

Let us hope for better life ― here even.

Worked all day pretty stoutly at colouring the 30 Ithaca lot of drawings for 30 mounts.

Filled up Income tax paper ― 250£.

Sent T. Cooper to the city ― with 30£ ― paid to Spartalis for Paramythiotti’s rent up to Decbr. 7. ― & Giorgio’s wages for all Sept. Oct. & Novbr.

10. P.M.

I am very tolerably happy here, but I had “as lief” be there. At 6 ― I was dressing to go out, when came ― James Graham ― of Jerusalem memories, ― & of Spezzia memories too! (Brother of Mrs. Somerville’s daughter in law.) His visit was pleasant in some respects ― he himself a delightful man. The Finns are here just now ― at her father’s ― Dr. McCaul’s. They are ― (as I saw by the Gazette of a day or two ago ―) to go to Erzeroum,[1] not Dardanelles.

Graham says ― Daddy is going out to Naples, to pass the winter with Sim ― who, he says, is the first Doctor there. ― (!). All these histories I fathom not. ―

At 6.45. walked to the end of Pall Mall, & then, rain commencing, ― I returned in a cab.

At 7.40. dined: & afterwards wrote up Cerigo Journals. ―


[1] Erzurum, in eastern Turkey.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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