Thursday, 6 August 1863

Rain last night. ― Day, cloudy all through.

Rose very late. Packed & sent off a trunk, & a box of drawings to Hastings. At 10.30 paid Roberson’s last year’s bill, & at 11.10 ― to Leatherhead ― at Ellens by 12.20. ―

Poor Ellen is much more deaf than formerly, & it is very difficult for me to go thro’ many hours of talking. She showed me a very good letter of her Nephew’s (Joseph N.) to Boswell.

We both agree that it would be very desirable to know something of both Fredk.’s & Henry’s lives ― or deaths. ― Sarah & Mr. S. are at Lymington. Poor Ellen.

I stayed till nearly 5 ― & came to rail. 5.25. There, presently ― came Mrs. Middleton, ―― & while talking to her ― Sir W. Farquhar, ― by perverse destinies.

Mrs. M. & I returned together. Sir C.C. it seems had a Mistress, who still lives at Leatherhead, & to whom & to whose ˇ[2] grandchildren all his property are left ― i.e. the bulk thereof. ― She had twins by him; daughters, ― one died: one married, & died also ― leaving twins anche ella[1] ― a boy & girl. Sir C.C. has never lived with the amica[2] ― (who is about 70.) ― but has always felt the whole matter deeply & acted ― as seems to me ― rightly & nobly throughout. The house is just beyond Ellens ―: how queer! ― And Mrs. M. was in the train this morning: ― (when a larky party of lads & lasses exchanged hats & bonnets, & went off to some rural picnic.[)]

Finished C. Lever’s novel ― “One of them.”[3] today.

Reached home by 7 ―: & then bought camphor & some books: ― some supper ― & bed by 10.

[1] She too [had twins]..

[2] “She-friend,” but also “mistress.”

[3] With illustrations by Phiz. London: Chapman and Hall, 1861.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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