Monday, 27 July 1863

(I am quite sick of bother, said the Lady of Shalott.)

Rose at 5.30. ―

Penned, till 8. ―

Letters from Ellis Ashton, J. Hutchinson, Capt. Roberts & Ellen.

Worked at the new 20 set sketches of the 7 Islands ― (rough designs for the Ionian work,) more or less till 3. But Lawson came, & much time went with him: a kindly good fellow: he has been in Norway. ― Then Hon. F. Lygon, whose name brings back Hastings & Syracuse ― 1852!! ― Ahi!

Then ― Bonham Carter ― sad memories also, & more so.

At 3.45. cab to Lincoln’s Inn Fields, & got some intelligence from Day & Co. about Lithographic processes. ― Bought a Facsimile of Turners Liber Studiorum.[1] ―Walked to Wyatt ― leaving the book there, & going on to Winsor & Newton: ― returning slowly by 6 to Wyatt’s. Then I sate with Constance & Mrs. Wyatt till nearly 7.


Dinner & Evening ― always pleasant ― as always there.

Home by 11. & found all the rest of Tarrant’s mounted drawings. ―


[1] This must be a collection of photographic reproductions from Turner’s Liber Studiorum. According to Ruth Pitman, Edward Lear’s Tennyson, p. 19, Lear owned two copies of the work, one in mezzotint and one in autotype, the latter, Turner’s Liber Studiorum. Reproduced in Facsimile by the Autotype Process, was published only 1871. See “Liber Studiorum: Drawings and Related Works c. 1806-24” on Tate’s website.

On Day & Co. see British Museum page.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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  1. Valerie Wadsworth

    Dear Marco,
    I never cease to marvel at your dedication to the works of Lear. I read the diaries every day. Thank you for your patient studies.

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