Thursday, 23 July 1863

Fine again all day. ― Rose at 6.30.

Worked a little Immediately after breakfast ― cabbed to Roberson’s, & ordered this new paper & charcoal. Went to see the “Icebergs”[1] ― but it was shut.

Home, & after an hour, gave up the chalk drawing, & took the Ithaca sketches ― penning out.

Lunch. X Slept.

At 5. came the kind Prescotts ― & to my surprise, took away the only three 12 guinea drawings remaining ― viz ― Corfu from Καστράδες, Ἰωάννινα, & Τετράνησι. ― At 6 ― went again to see the “Icebergs” ― shut up ――. & called on Williams ― where was Gibson, (& Spence.) Gibson had just returned from Osborne: ― he says Q. Victoria is but little altered ― considering all she has suffered. She spoke of various matters of art in the room ― & of me. “The Prince Consort placed it there, & there it shall always remain.” ― She also showed him a small pamphlet ― “on which I have to pronounce,” (i.e. the Commission of the R.A. report). “& I see your name flourishing in it ―” (with a little laugh.) ― But said G. I answered ― “These things were done which I was in Rome, & I was entirely ignorant of the whole, & so can give your M. no opinion.” ― Very Gibsonian. Walked home. At 7.45. went to Mr. Dunn-Gardner. Beautiful house & odd to me, as next down to Foords & T. Hamiltons. Finely furnished.

“He will come back for it I know.”[2]


Dinner most excellent. Wines super ditto. ―

Conversation pleasant. Evening altogether thoroughly a pleasure.


Cab home by 11.30.


[1] Frederic Edwin Church’s The Icebergs (1861), now at the Dallas Museum of Art, Texas. See “List of Works by Frederic Edwin Church.”

[2] This appears to have been added in a different pen; it is not clear whether it refers to something Mr. O’Reilly said, or to something else in the entry.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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