Sunday, 12 July 1863

Rose at 5.30 ―& copied out Journal notes till 8.30. ― 9 ― walked in the gardens ―― morning lovely.

Breakfast ― friendly & lively. Afterwards ― some went to church ― others sate & talked on the lawn. ― At 12.15 ―I walked solo to Sheen, the longest walk I have yet taken. Leycester Penrhyn has grown much older ― & so like his grandfather. They have lost 3 children lately. Charles & Lucy Bagot were there also ― & Edwd. Hornby of Dalton ― junior ― a pleasant lad. Mrs. Penrhyn was kindly & pleasant ― & all the lunch party was very nice ― though that house will always be a bore ― for light arrangement & comfort.

Georgiana Hornby has married at 53 ― Admrl. Sir Leeke ― of 73. ―

Came away at 2.45 ― & walked back to Clarence ― rather tired.

Vast lots of people ― this is hospitality Hall. Daddy Hunt among others. Croquet all the rest of the afternoon ― which as a game is so far tolerable that it is not noisy. 7.30 dinner at 2 tables.


After the Ladies went, we joined in one large party. Daddy talks a little too much sometimes ― as his son does. Of the Academy we had also converse. Drawing Room till 10.45 ― when I came to bed.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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