Saturday, 4 July 1863

Same hot-muggy “fine” weather. ―

Rose at 6. ― Colouring the Παξοῦς sketches: ― all day more or less at intervals. ―

Letters from
Mrs. W.F. Bead
Ellen ―
& Lady Wenlock

Col. (Charles) Cockburn came,

Afterwards ― Sir Paul Hunter ― a good kind man.

Later Julian Goldsmid ― who staid a long time: ― one of his anecdotes is worth recording. An old (Jewish) lady ― a good charitable woman ― fires up at the Phrase ― “Christian charity.” ― One day ― in the street, seeing pieces of orange peel on the pavement, & mindful of possible leg-breakings, she removed them. Whereon, a passing lady said ― stopping ― “Ah! Madam! This is real & true Xtian charity!! ―” ―― To which said the other lady ― “Jewish charity Ma’am if Charity at all ― for I am a Jewess: your humble servant!” ――――

At 5. came to Rail ― & so by 6 or so to Twickenham. F. & Lady W. were “dressing” ― as after all the P. of W. comes to Orleans House: Dining at 6.30 ― & a concert afterwards ― to wh. Lady W.’s party are invited. ― I only just saw C.F.  & my Lady was hurried. ― The house here is now magnificent: the Drawing room really beautiful. ― Library as of old. Dined “wonderfully pleasant.” ― & all the better for it. Afterwards ― (how strange the twilight is!) ― wrote to C.F. ― then from 8.30 ― to 10 ― played the Piano. ― What a blessing it is to be happy! Bed at 10.30.

Πολὺ μοῖ κακοφαίνεται: ἠσυχὶα θὲν θὰ ἦναι ποτὲ ἐδῶ. ― (Ἒγραψα τοῦτα διὰ τῆν μεγάλην συντροφίαν.)[1]

[1] I don’t care for this at all: I will never find peace here. (I wrote this because of the large company.) (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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