Monday, 29 June 1863

Fine all day.

Rose at 5 ― & penned out till 8.

Finished ― (but not satisfactorily ―) Lawsons Butrinto.

Off & on penned all day.

Mrs. Wyatt
Constant Wyatt
Rev. Adam Fairbairn
W. Nevill ― sad & agitated, for Benj. N. has had a paralysis.
Sir R. Walpole} ― anti ministerial.
Lady Walpole}
Miss Walpole}
Rev. ― Walpole}
James Foster. ― very tiresome.
J. Dunn-Gardiner ― agreable & kindly.
Mrs. Prescott ― very kind.
Miss Spring-Rice, very pretty.
Alfred Drummond: pleasant
Percy Coombe ― a good lad.
T. Ashton Esq. (who bought the Baalbec & Argos.[)] ―
Mrs. Ashton ―
& S.W. Clowes, always kindly.

I could not resolve to go out, so dined at 7.30 ― on cutlets & boiled rice pudding.

But nothing removes my sadness. It is dreadful: & this life is impossible ― staying ― hard=working all day ― awaiting for comers ― never going out ― hearing the dim roar of the distant streets ―― only seeing those who come for a few minutes, no freedom, no air, ― no light, ― no friendliness. Better remain abroad wholly. Worst of all is the [mortal] folly of supposing Giorgio ill or dead: ― it has often happened so before, but still weighs senselessly on me ― without a shadow of foundation.

This penning out ― & journals! The task seems too long.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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