Thursday, 4 June 1863

Wind ― (bright) all day, but less than yesterday.

Medicine at 5. Rose & packed [immensely], nearly concluding all by 10 ― or 10.30 ― when breakfast.

Afterwards went to Courage’s & drew 50£. Then to Mrs. Boyds, De Veres ― Craven, Lady Woolff ― & Clarks. And about 3 ― to the Kokali house, where I saw all the family, the good old Βασίλια ― Σπίρο ― Χριστὸς ― Τατιανὲ & Καραλάμπι, with Τεόδορος ― really a fine child. Nicolo I am sorry to hear is not going on well.† ― Returned by 4 or 5 ― calling at the 6th ― & seeing Harrison & others: then writing till 6.30 ― or 7.

Dressed, & to the Palace. Being before time, I stood in the Gallery ― the large dark Acacias deep brown against the gray citadel & the far purple hills.

Came a world of strangers


Dinner & wines most illustrious. Balcony afterwards. Talking of women, the Senior Captain said

“The Enγlish woman, she conserve her aperients Galship, if even she have antics.”

The Enslighwoman preserves the appearance of yourh, even if she be growing old.

† i.e. he runs away from school.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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