Wednesday, 27 May 1863

Rose before 4: out before 5. Long street of Zante ― [beastly][1] dogs ― tiresome. Drew, ― halfway to the Monastery of Α. Ιωάννης, ― from 6 to 8 ― very beautiful. Then went to a point high enough up to see Cephalonia ― & as in 1848 ― drew it. Picturesque & fine goats. At 11 ― searched ― (in vain,) for any tree by which to sit comfortably, for they dig away a sort of hollow all round the olives, so that ἀγκαλὰ κὰι[2] the tree may be the better for this operation, the man who wants shelter & quiet is not so by any means. ― Lunched ― with G. also: bottle of Zante wine ― Eggs, ― cold mutton & bread, ― the very best things possible ― but there was no good repoging place.

Flies also bored me hideously, & ants: also crowing cox: also screaming children διὰ νὰ φεύγωσι τὰ ὀρνίθια:[3] ― also lots of matters. At last I have taken to sit on the trunk of a tree ― to be aisy.

The sight of the black mountain brings back Cecil Lane to mind ― whom I hope to see again. ― Uncomfortable, but highly cultivated olives of Skopo! ― 1 P.M. going down towards the city ― a a [sic] very lovely breeze prevails. Some fine ― or one fine ― bell ― or bells, si fa sentire,[4] & G. says it is the Campanile of Α. Διονύσιος.

Bother the flies! ― O! blue sea! O cultivated Zante! Sitting on a stone ― that being the only suitable place in these be-ornamented diggings. After we went down I thought a new & characteristic view might be made from the last heights of the Σκοπῶ spur, so I went back, & got up by 1.20 ― & drew; being now down again on the Plain at 2.20. I am surprised to see how beautiful the black mountain is from all this part ― doubly intetesting to me now I know it so well. The plain of Zante is assuredly exquisite, though the flies & small midges drive me mad.

Walked slowly on & met Dr. R. close to the city, with whom I sate & talked a while. Afterwards ― as it was very hot indeed ― I gave up going all round the Castle Hill, & came through the streets ― reaching home by 5.20: & gave up all farther work for today. Repoged & slepp ― & having washed & tubbed, read variously from 5 or 6 to 7: ― when Dr. Roberts came home. Wrench, the Military chaplain here ― dined with us ― a very pleasant dinner & converse.

Bed at 11. Read Gussie’s letter.


[1] The word is blotted.

[2] Although (NB).

[3] To scare away the birds (NB).

[4] Is heard.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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