Tuesday, 26 May 1863

Rose at 3.30. ― waked by whistles, & the steamer stopping, & found a thick fog. Which continued, so that we couldn’t get on till 5.30, when the sun riz, & shewed the top of Monte Skopò. So we went on, & now, at 6 ― are entering Zante harbour.

It was long before the Pratica boat came & it was 7.30 before I left the Europa. Zante looked gayer & more beautiful than ever: ― brilliance & elegance are its chief characteristics. Roberts had sent a boat so I went straight there by water, after the forms of Dogana & Sanita.

Found R. very kind & friendly. Found Letters from ― (1) F.L. (2) Daddy Hunt. (3) A. Empson. (4) Gush. (5) Foord: (all the drwings are safely arrived.) (6) Fanny Coombe: 7. Gussie Bethell. (8) a Mr. Timings, a Birmingham admirer. (8) [sic] G. Posidoni. (9) Ellen. (10) Mr. Cave. (11) E.A. Drummond. (12) Lawson. 13. 14. T. Cooper. ― A long unpacking & wash ― & breakfast at 9.15. with Roberts. After this, at 10 went out with him, left name at Residency & called on Lindsay: also bought a book. Then went again to Lindsays, & from 11 to 1.30 made a map of Zante from one of his. Yet I don’t see how I can get to all I want to see here in so short a time as a week. R.’s room is very comfortable ― my bedroom ditto. At 2 ― out with G. to a hill, where I drew Zante till 4: a fatiguing sketch: ― then walked ― examining other places till 6.30 when I came back to Dr. Roberts’s. 7.30. Dinner ― Col. Wodehouse & our 2 selves, & Διονύσιος Μεσσαλὰ, whom I remember here in 1848, & who has now “spent all his money & lives on nothing at all.” Very tired & sleepy was I, & moreover ate & drank according. Colonel W. said he was very very sorry he could not come with me to Α. Γεώργιος, but I was not sorry at all. It seems I may see somewhat of all that part in 2 days.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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