Tuesday, 19 May 1863

Rose at 4: & out with G. at 4.30. The Colour of Cerigo Castle Rock,  & all around is extremely red ― oker ― chocolate ― rich. The white houses on the shore & the dark still water are fine contrasts, like Παλαιοκατρίτζα. Drew till 6.30: then again on the Rocks near the Lighthouse, getting thereby a Nollidge of the nature of the castle rox &c. At 8, ― 8.30, came upwards to the fround where I was yesterday, only more inland ― & drew till nearly 10. Then G. & I. went to the few meager olives nearer the town, & had lunch, which Bulwer had kindly ordered his servant to put up ―good cold mutton, 6 eggs, cheese, bread, & a bottle of most capital wine ― Smyrna Grapes ― but made here. A pleasant lunch! The Suliot as usual very quiet. It is now 11: si riposa: ― for it is a deal too hot to go upwards, albeit there is a cool nice breeze at times. This same Cerigò is far more agreable than I anticipated. ― 11 o’clock here, by my watch is nearly 12. ― 12.45. Πρέπει νὰ ὑπάγωμεν:[1] ― slowly ― slowly ― along the hill side. Slowly we go ― & now I am resting below a pine tree ― listening to the waves, break ― break ――― breaking on the Sand, someday-like Hastings days. After all, some quiet & beauty are left me!  It is 1.30. ― Up the long hill as far as the school, where I drew from 2.30 to 4: when Bulwer & Massey joined me. I walked some way with them, but had toothache & was tired, so at 5.30. I returned, & arranged paper &c. for tomorrow’s start into the interior of the Island, ― besides a tub & dressing. By 7. Dinner ― Massey being the 3rd. ― Slow: but I was “very weary” ― & after dinne slept.



[1] We have to go (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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