Sunday, 17 May 1863

Rose at 4 ― & packed all. Gave 2 dollars to the coachman, 1½ each to Spiro & Peter, & 1. to Lorenzo: paying 10£ to Lane for Steamer tickets & carriages. Breakfast with Lane; & a letter from C. Fortescue ― very nice & pleasant. Left at 10.30 ― leaving kind Cecil Lane with no small regret ― & going on board in the Sanità boat, found Mr. Bulwer the Resident of Cerigo ― (to whom Baring had given me a letter,) as well as Hogg R.E. ― in the Steamer. Day very lovely.

The passing views of the Λιϐαδῶ ― & the black Mountain ― now all so well known, were delightful. ― Wrote letters of introduction for Hogg ― to Mr. Hill, & C. Blunt. ― Mr. Loughman is on board also ― & introduces me to various of Count Roma’s family ― who are going to Zante ― “Counts” Camillo & Pietro ― the latter’s wife Princess Ὑψιλάντης[1] ― is most fearfully ugly. Count Pietro tells me various scraps of information about the giros I shall make in Zante. ― Mr. Bulwer tells me that Lord & Lady Strangeford are in Corfù. ― By 2.45. we were at Zante, & I went on shore at once; ― but all my letters had just been sent back again to Corfû!!!!!* This I learned at the Post, ― & then went on to Roberts. (Saw Lindsay on board. The rush of Zantists to welcome the Roma’s was great: ― how gay & brilliant is the aspect of Zante from the sea!!!!!) & returned to the Steamer with R. by way of the Post, where I got 2 letters from Spiro. Καραλάμπος is quite well, thank goodness: & this relieves the anxious Suliot. Came on board again at 3.15, & we left Zante at 3.45. It ˆ[It is now] 4 by my watch ―really 4.30 ― & I have been walking with Bulwer, who seems a really pleasant fellow. Dinner at 5 ― very good & pleasant. Afterwards, sate on deck with Bulwer, repeaing AT & Shelley ― or walked on the foredeck with Giorgio ― observing Albanians playing cards &c. &c.

Sea calm always: rainy clouds. Sunset glorious at 7.30. Tea ― sleepy. bed at 9.

(Steamer, Europa ―)

* In a great rage.


[1] Υψηλάντη. Sophia Ypsilanti, daughter of Georgios Ypsilantis (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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