Wednesday, 13 May 1863

Rose al solito ― but very unwell. Went to the Mills with G. & drew there & on the Quay till 8.30. Returned, & at 9 Breakfsted with Lane, but having taken some Magnesia, & otherwise being unwell, I ate little. ― Angry at reading the abuse of A.P. Stanley in the Church & State Gazette of May 1. From 10.30 to 12.30 ― dozed ― or went to τὸ ἀναγκαῖον[1] ― being always unwell ― stomach, nerves, head & boles, all wrong. Came Giovanni Λασκαράτος, whom I was glad to see: he looks much better than in Roman days. ― At 1.30 went out in carriage with Lane, but I was so ill that I almost said I could not go, nor did I at all think of going ― as asked, ― to the mess dinner. We drove to Spartéa, & to a large tree  near the village, whence Zante & the Blk. Mountain were well seen. The vegetation & spacious (εὐρύχωρος θέσις)[2] position of this part of the Island are beautiful.

Afterwards we went by Μεταξάτα down to Λιϐαδὸ[3] ― & all about there are the loveliest foregrounds of Aloes ― the flowers exquisite, ― the villages charming, & the whole scenery delightful. Lane too, as a companion, is A.N°. 1. We came back at 5.30 ― by the long Giro. ― Somewhat better, I resolved to go to the mess ― cheaper to suffer, than to behave odiously to those who are kindly. ― so at 7.30. went with Resident C. Lane, ˆ[sate between] Buchanan, & a young Ensign ― Carroll, who had graduated at Cambridge ― W.G. Clark his tutor; ― he knew Bassæ well, & good-naturedly went out of the dinner to get a Φοτογραφ of W.G.C. for me to see. A cutting wind from an open window was horrid ― but when it was shut, I saw the disgust of some who like “air.” One or two, blind as I am, I did not recognize ― fact to them also disgustable. No General. Colonel Ellis only. Ate very little & drank ditto, (whereby, at this hour, I am thankful to say, I am in better health[)]. Could not resolve to go away ― as it seemed churlish ― early: so went into the Whist room, & read Times ― critique of R. Academy. (Daddy I see has his Dr. Lushington’s, & Teddy’s portrait: the former ― “we cannot accept as a good portrait” ―― so much for Tom Taylor, lauds Leighton ― worthily or not I know not ― to the skies. But Leighton visits the P. of W. ―― In other matters Tom Taylor seems to be leaving his Academic friends somewhat. Read also a  review of Bp. of Oxford’s sermons ―― very hide & seek satire. Grew tired of “false position” & discomfort ― all other being at cards ― & crept away. ― Indeed & Indeed ― Mess dinners are a terrible wretchedness to me. Came back & shook hands with “Captain,” & in bed by 11. Lane is the broadest & nicest fellow I have known for long ― more improved than I could describe: more to be liked he could hardly be.


[1] Do my business (NB).

[2] Spacious position (NB).

[3] Livado, probably Leivatho (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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