Friday, 24 April 1863

Off by 5.40, & up, by the cool shady olives to the hill above Καθαριάκι: most lovely olive woods & paths ―: goats & sheep & passing peasants.

Bushes of myrtle & full-blown pink Cistus in great masses. Drew 3 or 4 times. The peasants are all darkly clad ― white capotes. At 10.30 finished drawing at highest spot, & came downwards. At 12. a meager lunch, with Giorgio, below pleasant olives. (Last drawing ― No. 74.)

Returned to Residency at 1.30. Found Baron there, & the L.H.C. about to lunch. (Came Παπακοστόπουλος of Καταχῶρι prayerfully ― saying, the Police had taken off his son ― “nor told a reason why.” But I said I would not interfere.) Dressed hastily & went in to lunch. Sir H.S. occupied by a crowd of petitions ― Baring giving money &c. &c. One woman was persistent & pregnant ― “Why ―! she’s with child!” ― said Sir H. ― “I never saw her otherwise” gravely said the Baron. “Why they say you are a busy with child!” ― “She lives riotously[”] Sir H. ― “Then give her a dollar to keep it up.” ―― 2 to 4 ― packed drawings ― E. Baring with me at times, talkative & cheery. Then we followed Sir H. to the school, & inspected 68 boys. Afterwards ― escaping from a mob of petitioners ― all of us walked to the olives by Πικλαμμποῦ, returning by the half-finished Church.

Baring made me laugh ― upon some official Greek traditions, & other matters. Among others ― a poem written in English to the P. of Wales & Princess Alexandra ― in wh. the poet calls them, 2 Bile=less doves. & a Doctor’s bill ― with this mem ―

“for inspecting a violated lass ― 4..4.[”]

We all συνετρεύωμεν[1] the L.H.C. to his boat, & I returned with Baron D’E. Dinner at 7.30. Sigr. Bini, & Sigr. Καλκάνι (the Senator’s brother,) a very pleasant & well informed man. Came to bed at 10[.]

Sir G.C. Lewis is dead! a loss to England ― & to the G. Clives very sad.

[1] Nina guesses “accompanied.”

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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