Thursday, 23 April 1863

Rose at 5.30. At 6. G. came, saying ― the Lord H.C. is come, & off the fort. Whereon I wrote to the Baron that I am going out for the day ― (as he will too) & so we have coffee & escape. Across the Lagoon ― punty ― punty ― calm & bright, & to the Fort, where I found Teuart going to the Caradoc. Breakfast with Pepia, Hislett, & Greene, a most cheerful lot ― a sort of united family. ― So we dawdled, ― & I made ― ὥς ἒπος ἐπεῖν[1] ― 5 drawings: then lunch. Tame deer, ― rat-catching & other pastimes. Talk of Byron &c. ― & much fun & pleasantness: & at 2.30 off with G. ― leaving the kindly detachment of the 6th. ― Punty ― breezy ― punty back, & by very stinky side outskirt lanes, across to the road to Μεγάλη Βρύσις, & Καλιγόνι[2] ― where I drew for a time. But somehow they are not impressive ruins. Returned ― drawing twice ― by 6.15, & find Strahan & Capt. Wilkinson going to the ship. The Baron also going to dine with Sir H.S. ― so I walk with him to the Dogana. Sir H. ― φαίνεται ― goes on Saturday Morning, & very amicably asks me to go to Κεφαλλένια with him, ― which just suits my book. Returned to dine at 7.30 ― Signor Bini being my host. Talked Italian continually ― to avoid silence construable into ill=breeding: yet afterwards, I fear I bored him with Col. Leake.

At 10 he went, & I prepared for bed, ― but then came the Baron, with whom, ―I having re=dressed ― sate till 11.15. ―


[1] So to speak (NB).

[2] Megali Vrisi and Kaligoni.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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