Thursday, 16 April 1863

(From The Fort, at Sunset, all the long line of Sta. Maura Hill is deep russet like velvetly.)

Rose at 5, but had to arrange drawings for tomorrow’s journey, so did not go out before 6.20 (George had missed me last night by going through the town, to save time, instead of along the shore by the dogana, near which I was drawing on the beach.)

We crossed the strange Lagoon puntwise, & I drew on the causeway till 9. Then, went into the Fort, & George returned to the town. Breakfast with Dr. Pepin, very merry & hearty, & afterwards drew again by the Lighthouse till 1, when all the “Detachment” officers joined me, ― a merry set. Luncheon, & a long rest, ― guitar, albums, ‘Leech’ &c. &c. till 4. A very friendly=united lot. Then a walk by on the “front spit,” to Zambelli’s property ― w[h]ere was a Contadino the guardian of those properties. ― Back by 6: & at 7. dinner, ― good rough cheer, much beer & laughter, & after that, an hour or so upstairs. (Dogs ―― Nelson, Grouse, Malaga, Tip, Ju, Nan, & Shot.) At 10, came away, Teuart seeing me into the boat good-naturedly. (Owe a shilling to their boatman.) Sate half an hour with the baron, & hear from George that he has a man & mule ready for tomorrow. Bed at 11.15. ― Day fine ― but at sunset, threatening. Storms in Albania, but it cleared. & the still Lagoon was starlit.[1]

[1] The page goes on with a section, “Duplicate notes of Saturday. 18th,” which repeats, in part summarises and concludes the entry for that date.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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