Wednesday, 15 April 1863

Slept till 3 ― but uneasy for an hour or two. Rose at 5.15, & out by 5.55[.]

Went up to the hill below the Φαιναρωμὲν, & drew various bits of rock & foreground ―― much reminding me of my Early Olevano studies, when I first began to paint. Ai! ― giorni passati![1] Came back by the olives & asphodels at 10. ― Breakfast with the Baron at 10.30, & afterwards, went to call on ξένοφον Βολαύριτη: one Dr. Μελισσινῶ was there: ―― pleasant folk. Then to Mr. Bini ― head of police, who really explained a route for my country expedition, gave me a list of places &c. &c., & is to provide a Constable to accompany me. The Baron & Senator then came in ― & I had to look at prisons &c. &c. &c. ― & so by degrees we reached home about 2. It is now 2.30 ― & dinner is hoped for.

[I am] now 3.15. getting into a fury. Dinner was to have been at 2 originally, but there are no signs of it yet, & the Baron goes on whispering & pottering continually with the Senator ― talking ― talking ― for a whole hour. Botheration take all staying at small Govt. shops. (Roapukià ― Demouτζάνι, & Ἀνδροῦσσα are talked of as formidable passes & picturesque scenes.) ― It was nearly 4 when dinner happened ―― pleasant enough ―― but it was 5 before I got out, & then G. did not join me ― so I grew vexed & angry. ― Returned at 7.15 after walking up & down with the Baron, who is a good but “laborious” man. Later, M. Bini came in. But at 9.45 ― I came to bed. G. has not been near me, & the Baron supposes he went to a Παναγία,[2] instead of coming out to me as I told him to do after dining. But I doubt that, & believe some other reason stopped the Suliot. My spirits are bad & depressed to night, & the air of this place liketh me not.

[1] Days long past!

[2] Madonna (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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