Sunday, 12 April 1863

A view of Santa Maura, Levkas, Ionian Islands. 12-13 April 1863.

A view of Santa Maura, Levkas, Ionian Islands. 12-13 April 1863.

Slept well. G. called me at 5, & by 5.45 ― coffee taken, we were off. Road to the Monastery of Φανερωμένη Η Παναγία[1] most lovely ― glade=plain of endless olives ― green & Asphodels below, Olives ever above: sheep, goats, cows now & then: but the amount of Asphodels was wondrous. The views from the heights above ― looking North & East ― are gloriously lovely. The sea of olives spreading out really like a Claude or Turner morning view. Beyond the pale Lagune, & ˇ[the] slender sharp line of sandy spit which divides it from the sea, the blue waters stretch to the coast by Preveza ― & range beyond range of mountains ― sublimely delicate. At 8. we went up to the Monastery ― where were 2 burly friendly priests. Then came down, & I sent G. home for his church. ― Ἐγῶ[2] went on the the mills on the sandspit, but got nothing for my pains but the beautiful walk. The peasants are most picturesque here, & I wish I could see a festa. (As I sat drawing above the monastery, many passed, & several insisted on kissing G. & me ― saying Χτός ανεστη[3] ― to which one had to say ― Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστα.)[4] ― It is now 9.30 ― & I go homeward. At 10, I find the Baron at breakfast, a cheerful & light repast ― but dinner was “fixed” for 7. Afterwards, I read somewhat, wrote, & slept. The Baron did not appear.

Left a note at Βαλαορίτη: poked about: fidgetted: read &c. till 4 ― walking once as far as the ferry. The Baron came out at 4.30, & we walked to Καλιγόνι, of which I must get some drawing. We came back by 6.20. Dinner at 7 ― very good & pleasant. Baron D’E. seems a kind-hearted old man. (read Mrs. [illegible]’s Italy today ― an absurd book, not bringing back much old memory.) What to do tomorrow? I wished to go to the Fort, but ˇ[I had no letter and] Baron D’E. would not write today, so I “fixed” to go to Φαιναρωμὲν & 2 villages. Bed at 10.


[1] Panagia Faneromeni (Virgin Mary the Revealed) (NB).

[2] I.

[3] The Christ is risen (NB).

[4] Truly He is risen (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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3 responses to “Sunday, 12 April 1863

  1. Sharing Lear’s interests is such a gift each day.

  2. Were there song lyrics in the diary, I wonder, they would be somewhat jolly, I dreamed.

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