Friday, 10 April 1863

Rose at 5. ― Poor M.’s life! Τι Ζωῆ![1] ― (the dogs ― Mops & brooms ― O! ――)

At 5.45. walked out by the calm harbor, & then drew opposite ― on the Quay ― the Residency, till 7.15. Very lovely bright morning, & the air here is exquisite. By 7.45 ― I am at Monte di Karalambo, where I draw till 9.30. Nothing can be more beautiful than the dark gray [ara] or olives, & the “light upon the shining sea.” I wonder how poor little Καραλαμπος is, & if poor Giorgio will be nere to night by the steamer ― for I hardly think he will come by the boat now: ― I shall be truly glad to know his boys are recovering. ― Of the 6 days I am here, much of my pleasure has been owing to Dickenson, ―much to health, ― much to that confort ― which, though now & then interrupted, increases with the longer absence of the “κακοδαίμον.[”][2] ― Murray’s place however would be indeed trying in wet weather ―― one may say impossible. What will the other 5 islands turn out for me. On returning ― walked a little with Dickenson: ― smiles ― Monkshood ― growing everywhere: Ferns ― grow 3 feet high or so. Rocky ― south hill: walls: ― formerly vineyards. sea gray ὥς ’ς την Ἀγγλίαν.[3]

I packed all I could on returning, & was ready for M.’s dinner by 1.40. ― Dickenson dined also ― & a pleasant dinner it was. Much fun, & good feeling. Poor M. is never sour or acrid ― yet talks of Hopes & [Hopetouns] & so many more alto grado suo ― calmy. At 3.30, after wine in the Workshop, D. & I set out, by very ἀνώμαλοι δρόμοι,[4] to wild olive grown lands, & then bare sloping hills: formerly vine grown. Hence, a descent, alquanto []: & violent, & then steps & queer shivery ˇ[sea] overhanging places ―― so I give it up. Till reflecting that “giving up” is no buono ― I resolved to go on, or down rather ― & did so, to a wild fine rock arch which I drew.

Menawhile D.’s kindness in clearing away stones, & going carefully &c. was most pleasant, & thus I really got a view I could not have hoped for ― my 26th & last in Paxò. I have seldom met a more peculiar fellow than D. a scholar, & full of study & observation & energy: apt to be a fond of his profession: & modest as possible, & matter of fact in extreme. We reached home by 7.30 ― just as it began to rain hard & sate smoking &c. till 9 ― when Joseph Daniel Dickenson went away. A little time longer with Murray, who declares he will rise at 1 or 2. ― It is now 9.30 ―: I tremble for at a chance of change of weather ― for the Steamers don’t touch if it is rough: anyhow, the bore of going out to sea in a boat is no small one. I wonder if G, will be there.

Miss Murray’s address ― Keith Lodge ― Upper Norwood.


[1] What a life! (NB)

[2] Evil demon (NB).

[3] As in England (NB).

[4] Rough roads (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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