Saturday, 4 April 1863

Very lovely all day. Καραλάμπι is still somewhat better, & I think he may get well, perhaps. But Giorgio is to come after me by the following Steamer.

Paid Paramythiotti 20£ ― for 4 months rent, up to August 6 ―. Got straps ― odds & ends ― & finished all packing. Lunched with the kind good Boyds, ― & on coming home found letters from Lady Waldegrave ― (C.F. has the measles but is recovering,) ― Mrs. Spencer-Robinson ― (Sir J. Louis is dying,) & W. Nevill. ― Dined at 6 ― & at 8 went with Giorgio aboard the Bosphoro steamer, ― where he left me. There were but few passengers, & the deck was most pleasant, for the bright full moon showed every bit of Corfu-land ― & all the well-known hills. Sea smooth as glass ― well for me, for I find the steamers never go into Paxo at all, & often no communication is possible. Off Lefchimo light ― (we started at 10 ―) by 11.30 ― & Capo Bianco by Midnight,

5th April. Easter Sunday. 1863

& by 1.45. A.M. ― ˇ[3 hours & 45 min. from Corfu.] we were off Paxo ― a very shor voyage they said. Murray had sent his man & a boat ― ˇ[the moon shining bright as day, ――] & I was soon pulled into the little port which looked sparkly & bright & ˇ[very pretty] quiet in the moonlight=silver & black shade. Capt. M. was up ― & all good nature, but ― I forbode future fleas ― 2 days (Mope & brooms,) & that workshop!!! ―― Wine & water, & bed ― at 2.20 ― in a clean small room, bed & chairs &c. ― all made by Murray himself. ― Bother of uncording & unstrapping χωρὶς ὑπηρέτην.[1] Slept well.


In the morning I had got odds & ends, & had paid Paramythiotti 20£. Lunched at the good Boyds ― & dined at 6.

Letters from Lady W. ― C.F. has measles. ― from Mrs. Robinson & W. Nevill.

[1] Without a servant (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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