Friday, 3 April 1863

Clearer & lovelier.

Fruit Trees, 3 April 1863. Yale Center for British Art.

Edward Lear, Fruit Trees, 3 April 1863. Yale Center for British Art.

G. who sleeps at home now ― came at 5.30, poor little Καραλάμπι remains the same, but is not worse. ― Went at 8 to the Βασιλακη Garden & drew oranges ― returning by 11. Found a letter, asking me to dine at the Palace ― so ― after taking my ticket to Παξός ― I went at 1.30 & lunched with Captn. Phillipps of the 6th & dawdled afterwards till 3.30. ― then I walked by the Parga road ― & never saw Corfu more beautiful: a sort of plum=lilac hue comes over Salvador & the mountains ― a powdery opal purple glory ― & the snow is greater in quantity than is usual at this season. At 6. went Lady Woolff ― Lady W. & Φοφφy: ― how foreign the elements! ―――――――――

We were all sunshine. Sir H. came in ― & says that the Islands will be ceded immediately. Also I met Οἰκονόμος, who said, the annexation “κρούει εἰς τὰς θύρας.”[1] Home, nearly at 7 ― dressed ― & to the Palace.


Ἠξεύρω πολλά πράγματα[2] ― but it is wise to be thought a fool.

Baring I like less than I do Strahan.

Καραλάμπι is a little better.


[1] Is knocking at the door (NB).

[2] I know a lot of things (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]



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3 responses to “Friday, 3 April 1863

  1. Valerie Wadsworth

    Did Lear include this beautiful drawing of fruit trees in his diary?

    • The drawing is available from the website of the Yale Center for British Art (click the image to get to the catalogue entry), along with many others. I’ll try to add the pictures I have been able to find to the diary of Lear’s journey in the Ionian Islands.

      • Valerie Wadsworth

        That would be very interesting to see the drawings he mentions in his diary. Hope you had a restful Easter in the rain.

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