Wednesday, 1 April 1863

Fine ― but warm, & scirocco mist. A storm from 11 to 12. Rest of the day clear & lovely.

Set off by 6.30 with G. to Κυνοπιάστες ― very warm. ― Drew there till 12 ― when it couded, & rained hard ― a storm, but we got shelter in a good natural peasant’s house, his name “Stellios.” At 1 ― had my lunch ― & from 2 to 4.30. sate about, drawing; or walked about.

We then crossed the valley to the new Ψοροροῦς[1] road, & went all its length to the village. Nothing can be prettier or nicer than those houses & gardens ― balconies ― &c. ― & the lovely view beyond. Of a new church ― I said to 3 women carrying water ― “Εἲναι ὠραῖα ἡ ἐκκλησία σου[2] ―” To which one ― spokeswoman said ― “Ἀλήθεια λέγεις: εἲναι εὒμορφη.”[3]

The wonderful varied beauty of this garden island is undoubtedly delightful. ― We came home by the road ― below Virõ, & so by 7. to G.’s huse in Kastrades ― & I waited for him, till he came out. Alas! little Καραλάμπι is worse. The complaint, (this awful fever) has attacked his throat, & leeches are ordered: Poor G. ― as he says ― it is indeed “duro”[4] to bring up children, always expecting their death.

Karalambi is at present strong & well: but it remains to be seen if health prevents the approach of the pestilence, for such it really is now in Corfu. So by 7.30 ― or later, I reached home, & (as usual) found a good cold dinner of lamb & salad, & G. would get some hot potatoes.

But I thought it better that he should sleep at home, rather than have such constant wear & tear of walking. So he is gone.

[1] He means the village Ψωραροί, named today Agios Prokopios (NB).

[2] You have a beautiful Church (NB).

[3] You are right: it is beautiful (NB).

[4] Hard.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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