Tuesday, 31 March 1863

Same loveliness of weather.

Went early to Taylor’s, to get cash. ― Saw poor Mr. Earle ― whose son died a few days ago. ―

(At 11. Woodley sent for the case ― to go to Liverpool ― which contains Mrs. Rawson’s picture ― all the drawings sold & unsold ― 53 in all ― & a large box with 59 Drawings & 37 Photographs ― besides 7 unfinished paintings & 5 little ones in frames!!! ―)

At 12.30 ― I went ― slowly ― to Ποταμῶ ― annoyed by curs: wherefrom, anger. Then, to Εὐροποῦλος ― & to the beautiful view over Πόταμω & the sea. ― but I do not think it would be good as one of 12 ― characteristic of Corfû. ― Upset a dog ― on my way ― devouring a large loaf ― stolen. 2 small children came soon, (leading, one, an ass, the other, a sheep & lamb, to feed. They were very amusing: &, impromptu songs of mine, convulsed with laughing.

“Μίαν ἡμέραν ἢλθε ἓνας κακό σκυλῆ
Και ἀγαλιαγαλια ἒκλεφτισε ενα καλὸ ψωμί[”] ――[1]

They left me, & I drew till, 4, when I went to the village of Εὐροποῦλος, & drew a “commencement of a design,”!!!! ― of that gt. tree. A whole family about me ― all amiable & lively=courteous: children & all.

View of Europoulos, Corfu. '31.March.1863/January 28. 1864. 3.30. PM'

View of Europoulos, Corfu. ’31.March.1863/January 28. 1864. 3.30. PM’

At 6 it grew cold ― καὶ τοῦς ἂφισα.[2] What a country of loveliness is this!

Walk home ― bright moonlight ―― by 7.30.

Found George once more in a grief ― for Καραλάμπι is ill ― the “Muto” ― has come & told this ― but we know no more; only ― as the scarlet fever is so rife ― all is feared. ―

So I dine & send G. out to his home at 8. Please God his children may not die!

Read Finlay. (A letter ― from T.G. Baring, introducing Mr. Stuart, R.S. If at all possible, I must get him to dine here on Thursday ― for the Barings sakes.[)]


[1] One day, a bad dog came | And little by little stole a nice loaf of bread (NB).

[2] And I left them (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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