Monday, 30 March 1863

Paradise weather ― but mountains ― dim.

Slept ― awful, riz at 8.

Man came & packed ― or rather ― put lid on case. Went to Taylors ―: saw Clark & Mrs. Boyd. Called on the 6th ― very pleasant: & found a real grand view of Salvador: ― lunching with Capt. Philipps & Moreland.

At 3 ― went to the Orange groves below to Cannone round ― & drew till nearly 6. It is not possible to give the brown glory of these woods ― in words ― & the gold sparkle of the fruit. The people were very amiable & nice: a small child ― τὸ παχὺ[1] ― amused me.

Home to dine at 7.20. Letter from Capt. Murray, & from C.F.

2 Papers. Lady Westbury was buried on the 21st. ―

Penned out till 10. G. seems illish. (Extract from a letter I wrote today, to Mrs. Beadon)

“yet the more I see of this place, so the more I feel that no other spot on earth can be full of beauty & of variety of beauty. For you may pass your days bylow gigantic cliffs with breaking foam=waves below them ― (as at [Palaiocastrizza],) ― or on hills which overlook long seas of foliage backed by snow covered mountain ridges ― (as at Janina or Gastouri,) or beneath vast olives overbranching dells full of fern & Myrtle & soft green fields of bright[2] grass: or in gardens & groves dark with orange & lemon groves, their fruits sparkling golden yellow against the purple sea & amethyst hills ―― or by a calm sandy shore below aloe=grown [][3] ― rippling=sparkling curves of sea sounding gently around all day long.”


[1] The fat one (NB).

[2] Lear seems to correct “fright” to “bright.”

[3] A blotted word: I think it reads “bliffights.” Perhaps Lear meant “cliff heights.”

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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