Thursday, 26 March 1863


Bad lines. Wonderful calm bright summer day, all through.

Worked a little at S. Salvador ― but chiefly the early day went in packing ― books ― drawings &c. &c. &c.

At 2.15. came Capt. Wade Browne ― & we walked over Potamo & round by the flats ― quietly & unhurried. Browne, who has been in Japan & all unheard of places is a delightful companion. Near the lower Potamo flat bridge, ― poor Contadino[1] passed ― walking hard, ― but crying miserably: ―I could not help asking him why ― & he said his eldest son died χθὲς[2] ― his 2nd this morning ― & 3 ― his remaining children (τὰ ἂλλα λοιπὰ παιδιὰ)[3] ― were ill with this dreadful sad fever. He said he had no money for the Doctor at Ἂγια Δοῦλι,[4] & ˇ[he] was going to Corfu to see what God would do for him. ―

We thought it better to give him 2/. ― & send him back to see what could be done. ―

Browne seems a generous kind-hearted fellow also ― as well as so intelligent & pleasant. ―

Home by 7. Met Craven, who says Major Robertsons little girl has died ― one day’s illness only, ― to day: ― & thus it seems the fever does not abate.

At 7.45. sent Giorgio to see after Nicolo, & to send a Doctor if possible.


[1] Farmer.

[2] Yesteday (NB).

[3] The resto f the children (NB).

[4] Lear probably means Άγιοι Δούλοι, a village.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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