Wednesday, 25 March 1863

Same pleasant, fine weather ― clouds ― & sun: ― showers afar off.

Now & then a breeze ― wh. makes the boats ricuperare[1] for an hour or so.

Worked ― almost nil. & a little at some out of window drawings. My piano went at 12. ―

All things rather unhinged.

Came ― Capt. Wade Browne ― & bought 2 drawings: & later, Capt. Stocker, who bought one ― so that I should have a good 50£ to run about with. Came also Sir H. Woolff, with a Mr. & Mrs. Lane ― very nice people ― & a Sir Somebody ― not nice. ―

From 4 ― I began to pull down the pictures, & take them out ―, wh. operation lasted to 7.

G. comes in & says Nicola has febbre ― & pains in the throat ― & is in a sort of alarm ― no wonder ― with all these illnesses about.

Did not go out. At 7.10 ― Capt. Stocker came for his drawing.

7.20. dined. ― Afterwards penned out, & G. went to see his boy.

At 11.15. returned: Nicola is not worse, but I don’t like what I hear of him, altogether.

Bed at 12. ―


[1] Gain time (?).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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