Monday, 23 March 1863

Lovely all day ― warm, beautiful=clouds. A shower at 6 P.M.

Mental arrangements ― & some handiwork too ― for packing ― things to go to England ― & things for Paxo. I should like so to go to Suli! ― & so by Rinaσσα & Nicopolis to Sta. Maura.

Worked very little at Lawsons Gastouri.

But then came the paper ― no letters ― brought by yesterdays Alexandria boat: ― & later ― the Trieste boat came in & from the Palace a letter ― nay 2 ―― from C.F. very happy: εἰς τὸν ὁποῖον ἒγραψα.[1]

At 3 ― came the Shelleys ― to say good bye: they go tomorrow: ― a regular pang ― & twinge.

One more paper ― & a letter from Dickinson ― the “Cedars” are once more in Stratford Place.

Dined at 5.15. ― & at 6. ― the illuminating paraphernalia being all ready ― it began to rain ― but soon stopped. At 6.30 came Giorgio, with his boy Νικόλα ― who lighted a lot of lamps. I saw Nicola’s writing ― very good for a boy of 11 ― & heard him read: wh. he does well. But G.’s manner is harsh to his son.

At 7.30. I walked out: the Illuminations are certainly bery general: & the Esplanade quite beautiful ― even our obscure quarter is lighted up ― (I have 98 lamps!) There were some lamps even in the Ghetto ― & Condi Terrace was grandiose ― the De Vere’s especially.

Home by 9.


[1] To whom I wrote (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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