Friday, 20 March 1863

Soft ― soppy ― shiny ― shivery. ――― all day. no wind.

Rose at 8. Fi! for shame.

Worked at Louisa Rawson’s Philæ ― from 10 to 5. & very sixsixfully. ― Wrote to her ― saying it was finished. Worked also on the other Philæ.

Capt. Stocker R.A. came at 5 ― & looked at drawings ― to my surprise wanting one of them ― the moonlight Janina. But I don’t think that a very good drawing ― or, anyhow, one of my best: & I had rather a young man had one of the very best, because he buys it as an example, or particular pleasure. ― “not knowing.”

Walked with Stocker afterwards ― 6 to 6.45.

Called at the De Veres & Woolffs’ ― but εἶδα κανένα.[1] ―

Dined at 7.

G. went out ― “per una mezz’ora ―”[2] ― but did not return till 9.

From 9 ― to 10.30 I penned out. G. intended to write but slept.


[1] Saw Nobody (NB).

[2] For half an hour.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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