Friday, 13 March 1863

Heavy rain all night, ― drippy at morn ― gradually holding up at noon ― & half=fine before sunset. Always calm.

O the Shelley life! ――――

After breakfast ― worked at No. 1 of the New Φοτογραφιας ― but not well ― & also worked at others.

At 1. came H.D. Woolff ― with the Duchess of Montrose ― her daughter ― Sir Ivor Guest & others. ―

A very φυσική[1] Duchess ――――

Later came crowds ― Lyell, Creykes, ― De Veres, Le Mesuriers, Zanchards, Maude, Palatianò, ― Rodostonms, Saunders, ― Longhman, Sandy ― Cravens, & heaps more, ― [quæ num]. ― &c. &c.

After they left, I drew again till dark. ―

Somehow, we don’t go out now a days. ―

Dined at 7. with some music.

Read Finlay afterwards ― but I can’t work if distracted all day.

Talking with George about his little girl, & our going out of Rome ― he spoke of the “due laghi ― come occhiali ―”[2] & described R. di Papa, Nemi & Albano in a way I did not think it was in him to remember.

I wish I were free from work now, & could get clean away.


[1] Natural (NB).

[2] Two lakes ― like spectacles.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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