Tuesday, 10 March 1863

Thorough scirocco ― & wet at times ― cioè[1] soppy ― all day, ― gleamy also ― & wind.

No steamer yesterday ― but it was here at 7.

After breakfast ― began to work on these future φοτογraphic drawings ― Lefchimo &c. (One paper, & no letters.)

All day ― off & on ― at those outlines ―― wh. indeed must be worked at thus or not at all. ― From 3. to 5 ― came, Stockley, Hogg, & Coddrington ―― 3 really nice Englishmen, & Captns. Roberts & Stockton ― very good lads also.

After that ― having seen a Steamer come in from the South ― & no one come on shore ― I felt sure that the De Veres were not coming till Saturday ― so I was going up to tell Ellen, when another steamer came ― & therein, with my little “(glass) eye,” I saw the De Veres & Buchanan. I met them at the Dogana ― (a very bright spoony couple are the 2 De Veres) ― & walked up to their home, & saw their meeting with little Mary ― whom they nearly ate up: sitting down on the stairs & each returning to a regular gobble of kisses of the dear little firl ― “Mother” ― “father” ― are her words ― never Papa or Mama. I am thankful always that I love to see these scenes ― & yet can do so without envy. I am glad the De Veres are back.

But ― the wind has been rising all day: & all the preparations for illuminations are nil, tho’ certainly numerous & general. ―

Home by 7. ― Dinner. ―

Χριστὸς is again ill, & G. has gone home. It is hard [line] on George to go hither & thither thereby.

Intanto the wind is violent ― equal=noxious gales. ― I should have dined on board the “Flirt” with the Shelleys ―――――― but how could I do so with this sea? ― Yet I would have gone there willingly, ― to see the Shelleys ― mille volte[2] ― ἐὰν ἣτον δυνατὸν.[3]

G. comes back at 10.40 ― & says Χριστὸς is ill. ―


[1] That i sto say.

[2] A thousand times.

[3] If possible (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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