Sunday, 8 March 1863

Apparently given to change to rain ― but it didn’t: calm, very warm ― & gray ― gleamy.

Rose at 7.15. ― After breakfast ― 9. ― went to church, walking with Straham up & down till time to go in: then with the 2. Boyds ― who stayed an hour. Then ― 12 to 1, I made 14 coloured birds for Mary de Vere, & took them to her ― dear little girl, ― which delighted her. ― Then to Woolff’s ― & lunched there. Baby W. is a duck of a child. Lady W.’s questions about Lady S. showed me that Lady S. had divulged the scene of Tuesday last. ― Came home at 3, & at 3.30 ― walked over Potamò ― Dionysius included, ― & by the beautiful grovy gleamy hills ――――

1863-03-08a ― down to the Potamò flats ― & home by 6.30. ― (Woman gathering snails, out of the asphodel leaves ―― Τί ζητεῖς;[1] said I ― “Μπόμπολι”[2] said she ―― (bóboli.) ― “καλοὶ εἶναι νὰ φαγὴ τις, βρασμένοι.”[3] ――

At 7.30. to Sir H. Storks.


It is not possible to pass a pleasanter evening ―: Sir H.S. is so full of endless anecdote.


[1] What are you looking for? (NB).

[2] Snails (NB).

[3] They are good for eating (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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