Saturday, 7 March 1863

Same weather ― only milder, & clouds now & then.

A nice note early from Lady Shelley ― & at 10 Sir Percy S., Lady S. ― & a pretty little girl came ― with Professor Ansted. The Shelley’s are a most likeable party ― & I am to go there this evening. ― The day was frittered away ― beginning however, to make tracings for the possible photographs or a Corfu work. At 2.30 ― came the Genl. Sir R. Garrets ― & his niece & (I suppose) nephew. ― A pleasant-mannered man ― Sir R. The Lady is nothing particular ― & they all staid about 15 minutes, ― quite long enough for me. Major Young brought them upstairs ― but did not come up ― & I am sorry I did not ask him.

Afterwards came the D. Fonblanques’s ― Mr. D.F. ― a “superior” sort of man ― with a  sort of “forza” & “energia.”[1] ― Mrs. D.F. ― [], [wearing pinny]. ― Then Clark & Mrs. C. ―

Came Janni also, with a “civil” note fro Sir C.S. ― declining to trouble me for the Newspapers ―: so long as there is no positive quarrel ― as much distance as is compatible with ordinary civility ― suits me best.

At 6.30. to the Shelleys ― going off in a boat with Sir P., Lady S., & “Floss” ― who were just arriving from a drive.

Their yacht was charming: dinner ditto: they enormously ditto. Most dreamy life! ――

Sir P.S. put down the notes of my music to “O world ―― oh life ―― oh time.” ――― & I sang many others. They gave me an engraving also of Shelley ― & her volume of Memorials[2] ― so the day may be termed a white one. ―

Home by 10.30. ―

Found 5. papers ― & a letter from C.F.


[1] Stength & energy.

[2] Shelley Memorials: From Authentic Sources. Edited by Lady Shelley (Jane Gibson Shelley). London: Smith, Elder and Co., 1859

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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