Friday, 6 March 1863

Same absolute Paradise clear weather, but warmer.

Rose at 7. Abominable lateness. ―

Went to Taylor’s at 8 ― & got my £10/10/0. cashed.

Returned to breakfast ― & afterwards, worked, more or less distractedly, at the 3 small commission pictures, Gastouri, Butrinto & Olympus ― all day at intervals. For many notes came early: ― & at 11. Lady Woolff ― & Sir P. Valaoriti & Lady: Lady W. is a capo d’opera of talent & prettiness, & sense, & tact & perfection of manner,: the Valaoriti also are extremely nice. ― After 3 came the Longhmans, & Capt. Roberts & others. Capt. R. tells me the Shelleys have returned, & I hope are to come here tomorrow.

Lerici & Via Reggio!

Εἶναι ἆλλος κόσμος ― μετὰ τὸν θάνατον

At 5.30 I went to see Darling little Mary de Vere. & then for a walk ― where I met Lord Seymour, who turned back with me. Singular young man ― & I fear me, too dreamy & diffuse ―― yet, [as] occasion offer, he may yet be great.

Home by 7.20. ― dined. & G. has gone to see his children, being in a fuss ― most allowable considering the fearful amount of Typhus now about. 8 or 9 ― or more children, even up to 20 ― die daily. ―

Penned out till 10.30. 11. ―

So happy a “winter” as this ― one thing with another ― passed I ― never.


[1] There is another world ― after death / There is (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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