Tuesday, 24 February 1863

Fine early ― but cloudy ― & gray ― afterwards: though fine, & cold.

Began to work at the oil Porto 3 scoglie. But Lady Woolff & Φ.Κ. came at 10.30 ― & staid a time: & when they went ― came a Professor Ansted ― from Sir H. Storks, to know about the Island’s geography. Willing to do all I could, the more that he is a friend of Clarks (W.G.) ― I asked him to dine on Thursday ― & proposed to go to Pellica. So at 12.30 I went to Turnox Hotel ― & after a sort of smart visit to Woolffs room at the Palace ― we set off ― & were at Pellica by 2 or 3. ― How beautiful! The Eastward view ― citadel &c. ― is the least charm of Pellica ―― but that to the Val di Roppa ― & North ― & of S. Giorgio, & of the S. West coast ― are all delightful. ― Boys are bothery there tho’. We returned by 4.30 ― or 5 ― & I went with him to Ascension & to the Temple, & then through the Ghetto ―― by 5.45. ―

Found all the 60 frames arrived ― & took them out. At 7 went to Woolfs. Only Φ.Κ. there ― but young Μαρκορᾶν came in later. On going home at 11 ― Boyd overtook me, & walked partly.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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