Sunday, 22 February 1863

Lovely ―― al solito, & not so cold.

Rose at 7.15. & went to church. Talk with Clark on Colenso. Initiated by his sermon ― on the old ridiculous Lot’s wife story. Why must he say that non=communicants have some crimes or what not which prevent their joining their fellow Xtians? I am conscious of none ― & only always refrain because I will join no church intimately whose dogmas are so loathsomely blasphemous as ours in the Athanasian creed. 10.30 ― to 1.30. went mostly in drawing numerals for little Mary De Vere, wh. I then took her: she is a darling little girl. Then to Sir C. Sargent’s, wh. his father is dead. Ἔπειτα to Lady Woolffs ― who is sad ― for it is the anniversary of her little girl’s death. Φ. Curcuμελλι ― there also ― & later Sir H.J. ― returned to change shoes ― & then there again, [X] with Sargent & Woolff to Potamo ― & back by the flats, by 6. ― These two men bore me, as seeing nothing whatever in the landscape: moreover they jaw, & dispute, & bore. ― However ― we got on pretty well. ― Day, most brilliant ― but sadly cold. ― At 7.30 to the Palace. ―


Evening livelier than at times. But a little too much dirt. Would, one were away in ἐλευθερία[1] ― “o somewhere!” ――

Returned before 11. But compared with a year ago, how very pleasant is this year!


[1] Freedom (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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