Saturday, 14 February 1863

Violent & clear N. wind ― or N.W.

Before 11 ― finished all the water colouring of the penned out sketches ― & cleared out the study for oil painting. But the Suliot is away ― & it is now 12. ― The harbour is all deepest blue with million flecked waves; & the wind roars. A large Steamer ― (wh. I suppose was the Alexandria boat,) came in at 10 ―: if that is not the mail, I do not think any other boat will get to whatever may come in ― the sea is so rough.

At 1. G. came, with 5 papers ― & 2 letters ― from S.W. Clowes ― (from Allestree,) cheery & nice: ― & from poor dear Gussey Bethell ― which is an angel before her time. After this ― G. cleaned out the Studio, ― & I set to work from 3 to 5 ― to put all things in order to work in oil on Monday. The wind continued ― but abating.

At 5. I walked out by Manducchio ― & the long Alipu=S. Deca road ― returning late ― at 7. Very cold ―. Wind less ― but vastly snowy cold. ―

G. did not get dinner till 7.40. ― & I found, had returned late, ― which he is upside down as his 3rd boy is to be battezzato[1] tomorrow. Who can growl at little omissions, if they look at these matters. He says ― the father & mother know nothing of the name of the child, till the Compare[2] tells it. ―

Dined placidly ― & G. went out to Καστράδες at 9. I read the 5 papers by degrees. At 11. a storm of North wind came ― G. not come home ―: & I shall go to bed. ―

This change from spring to winter is a bore: for 4 days I have been without fires, & now I shiver with a large one. Yet S. Clowes says ― much the same of England.

Καῖ, ὁ [?]λος κόσμος ―; Τί θὲλει εἰσθαι;[3]

[1] Christened.

[2] Godfather.

[3] And the [rest] of the world ―? What will it be?” (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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