Tuesday, 10 February 1863

Gray all day ― gleamy now & then: aperiently about to rain ― but it didn’t.

Finished the 2 last of the 60 Tyrants, & many of the tracings. So that, absolutely ― the whole 60 ― & nearly all the tracings of the lot ― have taken me 63 days! ― tho’ I have not always worked equally. A singular spotch of energy. And some of them are good drawings ― in their way.

At 4.30 came Buchanan: & staid till 5[.] Then I walked out by the half Parga & whole poplar round, returning by 6.45. (It is light till 6. now.) ―

In Καστράδες ― “Αφέντι”[1] ― I heard some one say. Ποῖος κράζει;[2] said I ― “Βασίλεα.”[3] Good old woman ― she was filling a jar with water. So we talked a bit. I wish however I had not asked after Spiro: For she said “Σπίρω εἶναι ὄξω.”[4] with rather a sad air.

Dined at 7 ― καλα.[5]

G. went for a time to Sir C. Sargent to help Spiro.

I penned out till 10.45.


[1] Master (NB).

[2] Who calls me? (NB).

[3] Vasilea.

[4] Spiro is out (NB).

[5] Well (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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One response to “Tuesday, 10 February 1863

  1. Valerie Wadsworth

    I am so glad that Edward has finished all 60 Tyrants at last. They were depressing me too.

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