Monday, 9 February 1863

Fine ― but scirocco ― & cloudier. Salvador capped.

Went early ― 7.45 ― or 8 ― & left a note on Lady Sargent, “declining” her ball. Then, called to get 20£ at Conways ― but he was not yet in ― the clerk at least. Walked therefrom to Kastrades & the mill=town ― very clear & lovely the distant mountains! Back to Conways by 9.30 ― & got wrath by long waiting for the tin.

Breakfast ― τέλος πάντων[1] ― at 10. Accounts afterwards: & so it was near 12 before I got to work on No. 59 ― of the 60 Tyrants. Next, Dunn Gardiner came ― & staid to 1.30. & later, one ― Gatty ― of the 2nd ninth ― from “E. Carleton Holmes” ―― his mother’s solicitor! ― Days of Brookfield ― 40 years ago very nearly! ― A pleasant lad, Gatty. ― Almost finished No. 58 ―: but at 5.30. walked out till 6.45.

Dinner: ― not good ― being hard beef: but we made up with sudden eggs.[2]

Penned out the olive=ravine scene at Lefchimo till 10.30.

No letters by today’s mail. One paper only.

Lord Lansdowne is dead.

And Mrs. W. Harcourt ― died in childbirth on Saturday week! ―――


[1] Anyway (NB).

[2] Perhaps a pun on the Italian “uovo sodo,” boiled egg.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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