Saturday, 7 February 1863

At night the wind was high, & especially at 3. A.M. ― when it was hurricanious.

But at 7 ― it was the same gorgeous brilliant calm as ever in these days. ― Wonderful! ―

Drew at No. 26 ― & 27 ― all day ― wh. I finished ― & almost ― No. 28. So that this terribly wearying incubus nears its end. I was wrong to begin so large a fixed duty ― but having begun it, I was right to carry it thro’. ― (Not that it is carried through yet, however.) ―

The Alexandria Steamer ― (as well as the Ancona, which is “τίποτε”[1] this month, arrived as it starts the same day as the Alexandria ― which naturally brings the mails, being a day shorter in its route,) ― all came together: ― before 8.

Letters ― from C.F. very happy
W.N. distractious.
Ellen. ―
& Drummond.

& 5 papers.

At 5.30. walked out, & meeting Craven, ― joined him in his walk: a quaint mortle. ―

Returned, at 6.45 ― to dine at 7. Read papers afterwards ― no work.

But what lovely weather.


[1] Nothing (NB)

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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