Saturday, 24 January 1863

Paradise weather ― all day ― i.e. ― perfect calm & clearness.

‘Heaps’ of steamers. 3 Austrian, 1. Italian, 1 Turk, 1. English, 1. Greek.

The Austrian brought only 1. paper ― no letters; whereat disgust.

Worked at Nos. 26 ― 27 ― (which I finished,) ― & No. 28 ― almost ditto. ―

So that all of the smaller 30 Tyrants left to complete, are Philœ ― No. 29 ― & what is left to do of Berât, ˇ[No.] 28. ―

I was to dine at Captn. Wilkinson’s ―― but he wrote, saying a nephew was dead.

Came also an invitation for tomorrow to the Palace.

At 4.30. walking ― down the prison road ―― but that walk don’t pay ― sun being in eyes[.]

Met  [Mme. Fonblanque]: ― & returned solo ― going thro’ Kastrades so late that I thought I should get a quiet walk ― but I met Clarks, Sir H.J. Storks, ― Woolff, & Sir C. Sargent ― all potius apers.

Walked alone: the glory of the clear new moon, & the amber orange, [illegible word] rays, ― over the Lake: really, I wish that beautiful scene could always be enjoyed in quiet! ― instead of its being the Hyde Park of Corfu. ―

Returned by 6.15. ― Greek till 7. Dined ― & G. has gone to Καστράδες. ― Penned out, completing Gardiki,, till 10.30. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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