Monday, 19 January 1863

No Monday steamer in.

An’ unco’ miserable day.

Got no sleep: ― violent tempest, & a window open ― about 2 A.M. G. up ― & all sorts of fuss. ―

Awful wind all day ―― awful.

X5 at 12 ―. Utterly unwell, ― indigestion, & asthma.

Worked a little at the smaller 30 Tyrants ― but hardly finished No. 18. ― & partly ― 19.

At 3.30. called on Straham ― who is ill. Talk, (with E. Baring ―) of Bowen. They say Lady & Sir G.B. are separated.

Then to Lady Woolff ― with whom I sate a while: she is a woman of most remarkable refinement & tact: ― beside of many other qualities.

Fizzi & Baby. Foffy ― at Afra!! alas!! ―

Later, tried to walk ― but the wind was too violent.

Home by 6 ― Stephanizzi. Dined at 7.

The wind so awful I thought the windows must [come] in, & prepared to go to the next room ― but the wind fell.

Penned out till 10.30.

[saw] Curzon ― & ― he is to go to Malta tomorrow!!!

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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