Thursday, 1 January 1863

Warm ― sunny=cloudy ― gleamy.

Very little work ―― one or two of the 30 smaller Tyrants advanced a stage. At 12 ― or 1 ― came the young Duke of St. Alban’s ― &, during his stay, Cave, [Fablangen], Cruickshank ― Villetta & others ―― The Duke bought ― Marathon, Athens, Athos, ― Corfu & Olympus to my surprise. He is ˇ[still] shy, as at Rome, but far more manly than then ― & very unaffected & pleasant.

Worked again ― till 3.

Then called on Mrs. Boyd ― Ragnanean, & Le Mesurier, De Veres: ― & with Roberts Sargents ― & Mundes; ― & later Caves ― most nice people: alas! they go away tomorrow.

Home by 6 ― & dressed. ―

Dinner at the [E.] & Artillery mess ―― whereby I thought it a bore. hot rooms & cold draughts. Placed at the end of the table μεταξὺ[1] two subalterns. But I found them both extremely nice lads: & by the queerest coincidence ― one (Goodeve) is of Stoke Bishop, & possesses “Coox folly.” ―― the other “Holley” ― lives at Oakhampton ― & knows Lydford!! ―

And, ἀληθῶς, ἦτον[2] a most pleasant evening: Goodeve is a nephew of Archdeacon Hare[3] ― & a ward of Maurices! ―

In the Anti Room ― I talked a good deal with Col. Wright: a stiff ― strongheaded, wrongheaded ― Presbyterian ― but a good man.


[1] Between.

[2] Truly, it was (NB).

[3] Julius Charles Hare (1795-1855), archdeacon of Lewes from 1840; he belonged to the so-called “Broad Church party.”

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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