Sunday, 28 December 1862

The same Paradise weather. Long as I have seen those mountains ― yet their beauty today was so wonderful that I could fancy it new.

Rose at 7.15. Breakfast ― & at 9. went to church. But the service was at 9.30 ― & meeting good Clark, ἐπερηπάτησα μὲ ἀυτὸν.[1]

This morning service is pleasant. C.’s sermon, ― from “set thy house in order” ――― one of the most remarkably good & beautiful I ever heard ― even from him. Yet it only lasted 14 minutes!!

Called on Col. Curzon, who is getting better. ― Home, & wrote to Jane Hunt ― &c. ― till 1.45. Then to De Veres ― to luncheon ― Major Buchanan there. They say Craven’s boy is to die also. ―

Sate with De Vere & Buchanan till 4 ― & then, meeting Mrs. D.V. ― we all walked to Ascension ― a pleasant party & beautiful walk.

Returned to dine at 7 ― (Greek first ― 6 ― to 7) on Woodcox & rice.

George says the little boy is dying ― nearly cold. They have taken him away ―& have gone home to Kastrades. Poor Spiro! ― how unwise to have gone to St. Rocco at all! ― Not that I think the poor child would have lived anyhow ― yet the removals have given more trouble. G. said ― very truly ― “Se l’uomo far male ˇ[senza rimedio] all’uomo, e male davvero: ma quando Iddio far male all’uomo ― anche senza rimedio, ― z’e ancora questo di buono ― che Iddio lo fece il male, ― Iddio e giusto, cosa z’e di bene dentro.”[2] ――

G. said also ― “Due donne z’e state qui ― Inglese ― altre no[3] ― Lady Reid & Mrs. Gisborne!![”]

G. has gone again to the poor Kokalis. I have penned out ―8.30 to 10.30.

At 11.15 G. returns: the boy still lives, & has not grown colder.

Bed at 11.30.



[1] We took a walk together (NB).

[2] If man hurts man irreparably, it is a realpain: but when God hurts man ― even irreparably, ― there is still this good ― that God caused the pain, ― God is just, there is some good in it. (More or less; Lear’s, or Giorgio’s, Italian is not easy to interpret here.)

[3] Two English women have been here ― no others.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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