Thursday, 25 December 1862

A many Xmas days ――――― τῶν [illegible Greek word][1] ― this is my 50th. ――――――

Wonderful beauty of early morning. ― Salvador nearly crimson, Lykoursi all snow. ―― It was almost impossible to leave the open window ― so glorious & pure & bright was all. ―

Nevertheless ― πρέπει να δουλεύσῃ ὁ ἂνθρωπος.[2]

So, after breakfast ― & hearing G. read ― (Spiro’s boy, I fear, will die after all, poor people!) I drew till 2. ― Then ― making some letters for darling little Mary De Vere ― I walked out at 2.30. ―To Ποταμὸς ― & beyond: [(]the poor dwarf Dionysius,) & so by the Πὸταμο flats ――― how wonderfully lovely was the distance ―― homeward ― about 5. Entering ― near the Porta Reale ― a gt. crowd ― all very merry ―& “ζήτω”-ing[3] the English dappertutto.[4] ―

And, as night came on ― a general illumination. ― but why? ― as yet there is nothing sure.

At 7. to De Veres. Mary De Vere well again[.]


Later ― singing: ―

Utterly friendly ― & I think the pleasantest Xmas day I have passed for many a day.

Home by 12.


[1] Of […].

[2] A man has to work (NB).

[3] Hurrah-ing (NB).

[4] Everywhere.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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