Tuesday, 2 December 1862


Rose thoroughly poorly & chilly: and depressed to a horrible degree. ―― Worked at 5 of the 30 drawings.

Nervous irritation horrible all day

Had some lunch at 1.

At 2. came a note ˇ[from Col. Wynne] ― putting off the dinner at the R.A. & R.E. Mess ―― & saying that Vernon died last night! Poor old Granville Vernon!

Brought 8 of the 30 drawings into a 2nd stage.

But at 4 came Napoleone Zambelli ― & says an officer has committed a horrible suicide: ― poison first ― then cut his throat. ― can this be Edw. Vernon? ――――――――

N.Z. staid some time: he seems really to think P. Alfred may become K. of Greece.

Did not go out: 2nd note from Col. Wynne ― the funeral is at 8. tomorrow: ― which I suppose ― means 7 at the Citadel ― & with this cough I can hardly go. ―

Dined ― & sent G. with a  note to Clark ― but he is out. G.’s 4 or 5 months of idleness are bad for him: & this year must be the last of it. Moreover, I have thought all day long that travel must be given up. ― At times I have a dreadful vacancy of mind wh. is horrible.

Just now ― 8.15. I am better.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]



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7 responses to “Tuesday, 2 December 1862

  1. Vocabulary jitter-bug, I love it so!

  2. Not the defining, it’s the careless selection that does it for me, pure artistry!

  3. That old dry wit, how cheery it was time and again!

  4. Yes, Shakespeare too! What fun just before bed!

  5. What variety there is in language, so free even back fence chatter spied!

  6. Phonics can be so thrilling and really romantic in France, Bon Jour, listen to that. A totally new configuration of the mouth, fun!

  7. Phonics translates so well for children, foreign language is so simple and enjoyable in the learning for the happy guys.

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