Friday, 28 November 1862

Slept well. Fine ― not clear ― but beautiful.

Sent drawings to Cav. Marcorãn, Charlton, & Craven; & wrote to Viletta.

2 Jewesses came to sew ˇ[a] carpet.

Drew ― off & on ― various outlines.

Came ― Mrs. Lyell: Mr. Baillie. Rev. Clark. Marcorãn, Οἰκονόμος ― & younger Marcorãn.

At 4: called on Col. Wynne ― he & Mrs. W. are evidently gt. swells ―― & not agreable. ― Called on Maude & saw Col. N. ― very disagreeable. Happily they “don’t live here.” ―

Dressed at 5.30, & at 6 ― to Boyd’s: ― a pleasant & cheerful evening, though poor Fredk. Boyd’s health is hopeless. ― They tell me that Mary & Bellina Loughman have gone into a Convent for life!!

To the Palace Ball at 9.30. Rather a bore. Saw the Loughmans ― but hardly anyone else to care for. Col. Curzon is here, ill. ―

Came home at 11: ― raining.

Caught a violent cold ― & was ill & sleepless all night.

X6 ― the 11th day of the Demon’s absence ― a longer time than has occurred since Feb. 1854[.]

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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