Tuesday, 11 November 1862

Very fine & calm.

Wrote letters. Letters from Mrs. Scrivens, F. Curcumelly, ― Lady Strangford, & T. Cooper. Got luggage registered, & was on board by 12. Large good steamer, ― Albert Edward: not very crowded at all. 29. Horses. On board Mr. & Mrs. W. Sandbach: ― the De Rodes’s, & various ― an odd Irish=Spanish man: & a queer lunatical looking hatless man. Passage [was] the shortest & finest I ever had ― first 145. minutes, no passports ― no luggage ― no nothing. In an omnibus to the Station: had no lunch. Saw Mrs. W.S. ― who is rather tiresome. Escaped them from, & went onto a carriage with the Irish Spaniard, the Cuban, & an agreable man carrying dispatches from the Q. to the E. at Compiègne. He had seen the Q. yesterday morning ― & is of opinion that she will “come out” at the end of the year. She has sent away all Ps. Alexandra’s attendants, to make her thoroughly one of the family circle. All this is very pleasant to hear. This man ― Warrington, was a really nice fellow. He left at Crêle. We were at Paris by 8.30. ― Unlike the trains arriving early or late, there was a general customs house search, & I was in gt. disfust ― as the place was not light.

But happily they only questioned me, & opened nothing.

Small carriage to the Louvre: & supper at 10.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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